Another World

February 22nd, 2012 • Bowling Ball Beach, Mendocino, California

This capture was taken in the southern Mendocino coast at "Bowling Ball Beach." Getting here was an adventure in itself. The location is unmarked, requiring the location to be discovered via mile-markers by car, followed by a short hike through a dense redwood forest. There are two trail-heads, one leads to Schooner Gulch while the other will take you to Bowling Ball Beach. Leave it to me, I chose the wrong trail-head which almost caused me to miss the sunset and this shot entirely. After re-routing and running as fast as my legs would carry me I made it just as the sun was about to hit the horizon. This left little time to find the composition I wanted and prepare for an extreme long exposure (820 seconds). To make matters worse, the tide was too low for the comp I was hoping for and the horizon was blanketed with a thick marine layer. Regardless of the challenges and mistakes made, a lot of fun was had this particular day.